A Web Based Application For Stone Industry

Stone Opt Systems is meant to efficiency and output upon perfection
An application that meets the unique needs of the Industry

Stone Opt is a result driven web app for the latest generation, created to solve the most common issues to strengthen your brand image. The idea is to pursue the maximum possible benefit over time that will be possible with our multiple tiered architectures of this application.


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Customized Configurations

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Highlights Of Stone Opt Features

Features that Flow with a Seamless Business Process

Inventory Bar Coding

Stone Opt Inventory management system scans barcodes with scanners with real time scans and batch scans that makes an effortless environment for unique products in a warehouse.

Web Based Software

What makes our application successful are bountiful parameters and add-ons to take your business to the next level. Now every data of your business can be saved and managed with web based modules.

Reporting Analysis

Analysis is the key to your business growth. That is why Reporting analysis facility comes into picture where you can generate any desired custom and inventory reports in no time.

Quotes & Sales Order

You can create multiple or standalone orders for your customers with our Stone Opt software. What customer wants is the key to maintain your inventory where you can manage your sales easier than before.

Customer Management

Customer management includes a myriad of sections and information that needs to be successfully stored in a way that can be retrieved easily.

Multiple Locations

Your business has multiple locations and still this software doesn't lack here. Now tracking your orders and inventory at one place has become easier.


Schedule unlimited business and customer level task in seconds. Later, you can access any task at any moment and get notified for all schedules.


This application uses custom module for accounting starting from the financial statements to the general ledgers. This tool seamlessly manages everything to turn you a good manager of your finances.

Security & User Privileges

We integrate a password protection protocol for all users, but it also adds extra layers of security by limiting access to selected users.


You will get what your business needs

Acknowledge our Stone Opt Software Demo and in case if you find any trouble concerning our software, just do contact our committed engineers who will strive for you by setting up your Stone Management account. Support team will be available to quick fix your problems. They are experienced to tune this software for your business.

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